What if?

What if?


I just got back from the Inbound Marketing UK 2013 conference in London. Listening to top speakers like Brian Halligan & Co made me feel more than inspired to write something. As an adventurer I especially loved Doug Kessler’s approach on content marketing.

The video above best describes his idea of great content. Here’s what Doug told us:

4 Tips for Great Content

  1. “Most content marketers study the wrong things. – Look for the great stuff!”
  2. “Don’t be afread to steal content!┬áBut steal from far away!”
  3. “Steal From anything – a movie scene you love, a favourite memory – whatever resonates with you.”
  4. “Follow your fear! – the things that make you sweat are probably the ones to do!”

Stealing Content?

Finding great content is the number one challenge for people working in content marketing. But stealing? When I grew up I remember my parents told me that stealing was a bad thing. Well, I guess in this case it’s not: It’s about sharing things that you love and making them work for you. Take a great Hemingway novel, your favourite TV-show, anything that you are passionate about! If it is something that you really like, chances are other people are going to like it too. And if you found that piece of content: make it your own! Don’t just share other people’s ideas but put your own personality to it and make it a new piece of content.

What if?

I think a lot of us don’t do things because we are afraid of the consequences. Because we don’t know if it will work out. But especially when you are doing something new (such as content marketing), you should give things a shot and become a bit more ruthless at trying things. You don’t have to run off and find the heart of the rain forrest (allthoug that would be kinda cool). Just keep in mind that question “What if?” and start setting some of those questions into practice. I said SOME of them!

A lot of people (okay just a hand full of people) may still be waiting for my second blog post about my adventures in Norway. Don’t worry, I have not forgot about it and will publish it asap!


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