Finding adventures in a world dominated by media

Yesterday I got hold of a brand new magazine called “Free Man’s World“. It’s all about adventures and getting out of your comfort zone. Basically doing the stuff you would not do every day. This really got me thinking. “How can I have adventures in my daily life?”

Asking what makes you come alive

Today many men dream about them, but very few actually take the adventures they want to do! An adventure is something that starts in your head and usually makes you leave your comfort zone or daily routine. Something that excites you and makes you come alive. John Eldredge puts this very well in his book Wild at Heart:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive”.

A really inspiring quote. It’s not just about taking an adventure but also about asking your heart “What makes me come alive?”.

Deep in our nature we want to act

For some that might be to sail across the pacific ocean, others will get their kick climbing a tall mountain. No matter what it is, there is always one thing that they have in common: the craving to act. The Sociologist Karl-Heinrich Bette has studied the core desires of men. He says

“Deep in our nature we are beings that want to act – yet we are living in a society that teaches us to be reacting objects.”

This is so true if I take a look at my life. I spend most of my day reacting to signals and messages, instead of acting and doing the stuff I actually want to do. Starting from the annoying sound of my alarm clock in the morning until the last beep on my phone late at night. My everyday life is super organized and defined by media. Is that a bad thing?

Don’t blame the media

Not necessarily. But I think we should make ourselves aware of how much we are using media and how strong it influences our acting. I’m a big fan and heavy user of social media, at the same time it is always awesome for me to take some time off. Time to live in the present. Not reacting to all the noise that surrounds me. Nature is a great place to do that.

Routines that help you to get lost

So how do we find time for adventures in our super organized lives? One thing that can be really helpful is to come up with some routines. I for my part started a no-media-saturday. While I spend this day not using any electronic media, I also happen to have more time. More time to be in the nature. More time to get lost. Because that is what any adventure is about: Not planing everyting, living in the presence and getting lost. 


Photo Credit: Les Forrester


  1. says

    Hi Sam, this is good writing and also a good tip with the saturday without electronic media. In the moment I will not be able to spend saturdays in the wild, but I hope the in the future I will enjoy more wilderness.

  2. Brandie says

    How wonderful. I loved this. Especially the elderidge exerpt. I’ve recently been recommended a book called Keeping the Sabbath Wholey. Have you heard of it?

    • sambredl says

      Thanks so much for your response, Brandie! I haven’t heard of “Keeping the Sabbath Wholey” yet, but I just read about it on Amazon and it looks quite interesting. Thanks for the tip :)
      Btw. May I ask how you stumbled across my blog?

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