The Great Escape

The Great Escape - Beijing - Sam Bredl

It started just like a normal night out. Except that we were in China. We, that is my Slovakian friend Matej and myself. And China that is Beijing to be precise. We had just successfully completed the Mongol Rally (literally one of the most stupid races on … [Read more...]

Of hunting reindeer and passports

of hunting reindeer and passports

The sound was coming from underneath my tent. A constant squeaking. I checked my phone. No signal. Now I was even more freaked out. I tried to ignore it but it didn't stop. It was too freezing cold and I was also too tired to go outside and check what it was. … [Read more...]

Every place has a story to tell

every place has a story to tell

Cycling in the fitness club this morning I could not help but imagine myself on a real bicycle. I don't particularly like fitness clubs, so in my mind I was driving through the most beautiful places I've been to. Mostly through nature. Mostly childhood … [Read more...]

What if?

What if?   I just got back from the Inbound Marketing UK 2013 conference in London. Listening to top speakers like Brian Halligan & Co made me feel more than inspired to write something. As an adventurer I especially loved Doug Kessler's … [Read more...]

How a lipstick saved my life


I haven't been on vacation all summer, so I decided to book a flight and get lost somewhere in the wild. My destination was Norway and that's about all I knew. No idea where to go, no maps or whatsoever and yet it would turn out to be one of my best adventures … [Read more...]